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Oishi Marika







2013-17年には、世界的デザイナー川久保玲の率いるCOMME des GARÇONSに勤務。川久保からは、既成の概念を破壊する姿勢、常識に縛られない自由と表現へのこだわりを学んだ。アーティストでありギャラリーKUNST ARZTのオーナーである岡本光博に見いだされ、同ギャラリーでの個展多数。COMME des GARÇONS退社後は、ジャンルにとらわれることなく精力的に活動中。

Marika Oishi is a Japanese artist(1988-). She continues to express the changing of things, including beauty in disintegration processes, anxiety about death, and vague boundary between life and death. Her works consist of various materials such as paper, ink, water, sand, fresh and artificial flowers, broken TVs, etc. Many of them are arranged to keep changing during the exhibition, and their appearance never remains the same. Through this approach, Oishi expresses the transience of existence.

Oishi graduated from Kyoto Seika University(BA) and Graduate School of Osaka University of Education(MFA). Majoring in painting in both institutes, she had been seeking her own way which was suitable for what she wanted to express. After many artistic challenges, she finally reached her original concept of art, “Endless Experiment.”

In 2016, at her solo exhibition “(((((Gestaltzerfall of Truth))))),” Oishi dissolved an image of atomic cloud with hydrochloric acid. Seeing the dissolving image, she realized that the disintegration process itself is beautiful. In the exhibition “The Selfish Gene”(2018), she used real and artificial flowers, and flower pictures in her work, and expressed the ambiguity of life and death of flowers. In 2019, on the same day of her grandmother's funeral, terrorists bombed Christian churches in Sri Lanka. Deeply affected by this fact, she chose these events as motif in next two exhibitions, “My Flower Pattern as a System,” and “Flower Pattern Ceremony.” This experience made her interested in the act of mourning and mourning ceremonies.

From 2013 to 2017, Oishi worked for COMME des GARÇONS, a Japanese fashion label headed by Rei Kawakubo. From her, Oishi learned the destructive attitude toward ready-made ideas, and freedom from stereotypes.

Appreciated by Mitsuhiro Okamoto, a Japanese artist and gallerist, she has held many solo exhibitions at his gallery, KUNST ARZT. After leaving COMME des GARÇONS, she is more and more active in wide fields of art now.

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